Egg Health Power Pack – 3 Pack

  • #Protect DNA and enhance energy metabolism
  • #Faster time to pregnancy
  • #Support ovarian reserve
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Combine the power of industry-leading FERTINATAL® DHEA with OVOENERGEN CoQ10 to support robust egg development.

Support the health of your eggs through antioxidant protection, increased energy metabolism and replenished testosterone levels with a power pack of the only CoQ10 supplement specifically developed to support healthy eggs and the industry-leading Fertility DHEA supplement used by IVF clinics globally.

Our EGG HEALTH PACK supports female fertility by supporting a healthy ovarian environment to develop higher quality eggs and healthy embryos.   

This pack is based on peer-reviewed and published research which suggests may help:

Protect the DNA of Eggs and Mitochondria

Research shows that having high-functioning mitochondria is an indication of egg quality.  CoQ10 protects mitochondria from damage and is an essential ingredient needed for energy production in egg cells.

Enhance Energy Metabolism of Eggs

Supplementation with CoQ10 helps enhance the energy available for the egg to preform key functions during maturation.  Without enough energy, chromosomal abnormalities may occur.

Get Pregnant Quickly

Supplementation with DHEA may help you get pregnant more quickly, spontaneously or with IUI/IVF by stimulating ovarian follicles, resulting in more eggs moving through the early stages of development.

Support Ovarian Reserve

Supplementation with DHEA for 6-20 weeks may enhance overall functional ovarian reserve.

Reducing the rate of Chromosomal Abnormalities

Research shows a link between chromosomal errors in eggs and lower levels of DHEA and testosterone in ovarian follicles.  Supplementation with DHEA may raise levels of DHEA and testosterone in these follicles, potentially reducing the number of chromosomal errors in eggs.

The Fertility Nutraceuticals Difference

All-natural, pharmaceutical-grade products born from research, designed by fertility experts:

  • 100% plant-derived, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • Patent-protected formulations
  • Gluten-free, contains no artificial preservatives, fillers, colors or sweeteners
  • GMP and NSF Certified, Manufactured in the USA

Rigorously tested for quality:

  • All of our products undergo a rigorous 3-step quality assurance process that includes batch testing at independent laboratories for potency and micronization, a rare practice in the nutraceuticals industry.

Designed for maximum absorption:

  • Fertinatal DHEA is micronized to the same levels used in leading clinical studies on DHEA for female fertility
  • Ovoenergen CoQ10 is suspended in oil in order to maximize absorption.

Used by leading IVF doctors and clinics worldwide:

  • Recommended and endorsed by CHR, the fertility center that introduced DHEA supplementation for women with diminished ovarian reserve
  • FERTINATAL®is the only DHEA product developed to replicate the micronized DHEA used in all the clinical studies conducted by CHR and published in peer-reviewed journals.

How to take:

    • Women Age 35 – 38: Follow the CHR-recommended schedule of 25 mg 1x/day
    • Women Age 38 – 40+: Follow the CHR-recommended schedule of 25 mg 3 times daily
    • Take 333 mg oil-suspended softgels three times daily, for a total of 999 mg per day.

How long should I take them for?

  • Fertility experts recommend at least 2 months of supplementation for maximum results.
  • Do not take Fertinatal DHEA if pregnant or if you become pregnant.

Important Information

DHEA: Consult your physician before starting DHEA supplementation.  The following women should not take DHEA:

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Women with a history or family history of hormone-sensitive cancer (such as breast, ovarian or uterine)
  • Women under the age of 18
  • Women with any of these conditions should consult their doctor prior to DHEA usage:
    • Estrogen-sensitive benign medical conditions (Endometriosis or PCOS)
    • Women on medical treatments or drug therapies for other conditions
    • Diabetic patients
    • Individuals with a history of mood disorders
    • Individuals with a family history of lipid abnormalities
    • Individuals with existing liver conditions

Ovoenergen CoQ10: Consult your physician before starting CoQ10 supplementation.  The following women should not take CoQ10:

  • Patients taking prescription drugs including but not limited to chemotherapeutic medications, antihypertensive drugs and Warfarin (Coumadin).
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Women with any of these conditions should consult their doctor prior to usage:
    • Low blood pressure
    • High blood pressure
    • Anyone scheduled for surgery

Click here to view the FERTINATAL DHEA supplement insert.

Click here to view the Ovoenergen CoQ10 supplement insert.

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